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"In regards to my sessions, they were incredibly helpful and insightful. You're a very kind person, Julie, and I think what helped me most was that you're good at looking at things from a different perspective and making me really think about the words I was using to describe myself, my experiences etc. There were times I would contradict myself in regards to how I treat others vs. myself, and since our sessions I've learned to just be kinder to myself and like myself a little more, and you were a big help in that!

The room is genuinely a lovely space. It's really cosy and relaxing, really well decorated! But not so much that it takes away from the therapy experience. Just a genuinely calming space overall. 

Thanks for everything you are doing

"I had six sessions with Julie because I felt I needed some help trusting myself to make some big life decisions, and I wanted to regain some confidence after my divorce. I found Julie very easy to talk to and got so much more from the sessions than I was expecting. I now have a "first aid kit" of tools that I can use day-to-day to help me cope. I feel much calmer and happier since my sessions with Julie and have no doubt that the tools she has given me will stay with me for a long time to come as I navigate my way through life."

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